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    Artificial Green walls

    Artificial green walls with flowers

    Artificial moss & succulent green walls

    Artificial 3D plant walls

    Free 2-3 day UK courier delivery on all orders over £200

    Clip the panels together to cover larger areas

    We recommend that the panels are fixed directly to your wall, there are holes in the panel grid that can be used

    Free 2-3 day UK courier delivery on all orders over £200

    Free 2-3 day UK courier delivery on all orders over £200


    Artificial green wall panel with variegated foliage and lime green and red orchids 100x100 cm

    Artificial green wall mixed plant panel with variegated green foliage including ivy, grasses, ferns and palm heads and 4 x lime green and red orchids. Realistic , durable artificial plant panels with an amazing 3D effect.

    Weather and UV resistant, suitable for indoors or outdoors.

    All panels can be reused, revised and resized, this makes them ideal for temporary installations such as exhibition stands.

    1m x 1m panel.

    Ideal for wall coverage where the environment is too dark or cold for a live green wall. Once installed the green walls are virtually maintenance free they only require an occasional clean and dust.

    Easy to install, simply hang with hooks, screws or nails, screw directly to the wall or fence or tie wrap to a frame.

    Easily cut the panels into your required size or shape

      Snap and lock the panels together to cover any wall size


    Free UK delivery on this item for orders over £200 using 2-3 day courier.

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