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Environmental policy

  • Introduction

    Here at Greenplants Group ltd we pride ourselves in improving our environmental impact and as such we adopt a range of efforts to improve this. As a company we set annual sustainability goals for improving our in house and external policies. However, we currently have some effective policies in place.

    We focus on our environmental impacts from an reduce, reuse and recycle aspect. Greenplants aim to reduce the number components that contribute to large environmental impact that’s cars driving to the distribution centre or the number of virgin carboard boxes we use. We aim to reuse as much components as possible such as carboard boxes and we have developed our own “ship-back” recycling routes.

  • Our green walls

    Our artificial green walls are not single use and can be reused and re purposed over and over again preventing our walls ending in landfill. Our green walls have a life span of 10-15 years (depending on use) and are both UV stable and weather resistant meaning they will not degrade and lose their impact.

  • Reusing and recycling

    The end of life for our green walls are of our upmost importance and as such as a company we have several end-of-life treatments tailored to benefit the largest number of stakeholders.

    We offer a “ship back” service for our clients to return their green walls back to us once they have finished with the panels so we can effectively decide on the best recycling route. Our end-of-life routes depend on the quality of the green wall, we can re-purpose sections of the green wall to add into other products if they are up to specification, or if the green wall is of decent quality but we can not repurpose we add in new foliage and donate our green walls to charities in the local area.

  • In house policy

    In house environmental policies are adopted over our years of trading and improving our operations on a monthly basis to reduce our environmental impact.

    Renewable energy powering our company

    Our state-of-the-art distribution centre and office are powered by renewable energy, with our solar panels based on the roof of our buildings. Our solar panels provide the back bone to the running’s of our company by providing the electricity.

    Cardboard recycling

    As a company we are dedicated to limit and reduce the waste we generate. One of the ways we do this is by using a certified vendor to collaborate with us and recycle any cardboard we do not reuse in house.