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Clip the panels together to cover larger areas

We recommend that the panels are fixed directly to your wall, there are holes in the panel grid that can be used

If you have any questions please call 0800 009 6756 or email

If you have any questions please call 0800 009 6756 or email

Framed green wall art

Framed artificial & prerserved moss art


If you have any questions please call 0800 009 6756 or email

Artificial green wall Installation guide

We recommend  that you screw the panels directly into the wall using the appropriate screws and plugs depending on the wall type. There are holes in the plastic back panel which can be used for the screws.

The panels can be clipped together using the built in pins and holes on the back panel or alternatively the back panels can be tie wrapped together.

Step by step instructions

Step 1 - make sure the plants on the panels are facing upwards when you hold them up to the wall. Also make sure each panel is orientated the same way before fixing by checking the holes & clips are all orientated in the same way. If you are unsure about the orientation check with the product photos on our website.

Step 2 - we recommend painting your wall black or dark green. This is not essential but we recommend for the best possible finish.

Step 3 - to begin the wall we recommend your start from the top left and work your way across the wall.

Step 4 - use a spirit level to mark a guideline for the fixing points. The guideline  will usually follow the holes in the rear plastic grid.

Step 5 - fix your first panel using the guideline you created in step 4.

Step 6 - fix the next panel following the guide line and screw the top using your guideline to keep level.

Step 7 - clip the two panels together using the clips on the sides of the panel - hopefully the panels are orientated the same way as mentioned in step 1.

Step 8 - repeat the process until the top row is finished.

Step 9 - once the first row is clipped in place and fixed to the wall on the top and bottom, move on to the second row.

Step 10 - repeat the process for the second row.

Step 11 - clip the first and second rows together. Use the clips on the edge of the panels to lock the next row in place. Once clipped in place, screw the panels to the wall to secure the panels.

Step 12 - repeat until you have finished.

Once finished be sure to tease out the foliage so it is lush and full. This is particularly relevant where the panels join, we recommend you do this to hide the joins.

Artificial moss panel instructions

The panels can be fixed directly to your walls or glued or stapled to plywood before fixing
to the wall.

Step by step instructions

Step 1 - The moss panels will arrive rolled up. Make sure you unroll and flatten before use.

Step 2 - The moss can be stretched, once stretched it does not contract.

Step 3 - The panels can be fixed directly to your walls with staples, glue or screws. The panels can also be fixed to plywood before hanging on a wall. Staples, screws etc can be disguised by gluing any loose green flock over them.

Step 4 - To achieve a seamless moss wall effect.  Once the panels have been hung together, disguise any seams or areas by simply cutting a shape from a spare piece of your moss panel, glue the rear and hold over the area you wish to hide until fixed in place.

Step 5 - Use a spirit level to mark a line for fixing points across the top of your wall. Fix your first panel in place using the guideline.

Step 6 - Put your next panel in place and fix. It is possible to hide the joins between the panels by cutting out moss shapes from a spare piece and then gluing over the join you wish to disguise.

The moss panels can be cut into different shapes as required. They can also be wrapped around columns and corners.

The moss panels can also be used to create a lush moss carpet Moss panels can be framed and hung in multiples to achieve impact.