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    Artificial Green walls

    Artificial green walls with flowers

    Artificial moss & succulent green walls

    Artificial 3D plant walls

    Free 2-3 day UK courier delivery on all orders over £200

    Clip the panels together to cover larger areas

    We recommend that the panels are fixed directly to your wall, there are holes in the panel grid that can be used

    Free 2-3 day UK courier delivery on all orders over £200

    Free 2-3 day UK courier delivery on all orders over £200

    Ideal for artificial green walls in offices, homes, shops, hotels, bars, cafes & restaurants. Great for exhibition stands, corporate events, weddings & other private events, as well as stunning backdrops for logos, neon signs & lettering.

    Instant green

    Realistic, 3D, natural looking, no waiting for the plants to grow on or flower, no light required.

    Cost effective

    Much cheaper than preserved moss or live walls. The panels can be reused, revised & resized.

    No maintenance

    No watering, no pruning, no pests & no ongoing costs.

    Use indoors or outdoors

    All our panels are UV stable so can be used indoors or outdoors.

    Easy to install

    Our panels are easy to clip together & hang. Can be cut to any shape. Ideal for any wall size or shape, curved or straight.

    Artificial moss walls at the fraction of the cost of preserved moss. When you want the look and feel of a bun or pole moss, reindeer or sphagnum moss wall but the budget will not stretch why not look at our artificial moss walls with no ongoing costs.

    See our green walls in the 2019 Love Island villa

    Great for logo and lettering backgrounds

    Easy to customise using extra plants or flowers